Just A Coincidence? Whether Intention in Artistic Expression Alters Significance”     ACCESS*,     October, 2018


“How to Befriend Birds and Beasts”     Fugue, October, 2018
(watch/listen to part of this essay on YouTube)

“Beasts of Inertia”     Saltfront, December 2018

We, Little Griefs”     The Normal SchoolApril 2019


From Them, to You, Grandpa”     The Wild Word, June 2017 (also included in The Wild Word 2018 poetry anthology)

“I Didn’t Mean To”     One Person’s TrashJuly 2017

Empathy for the Mud Dauber”     Visitant Lit, November 2017

A Year Later”     Writers Resist, July 2018


Machete Squad,    CollateralJanuary 2019

The ‘Stan,     Collateral, November 2018

Visual Art

Raven Song”     Door Is A Jar (Issue 6)December 2017

Puffin”     Door Is A Jar (Issue 6)December 2017

Loomings”     The Hopper, June 2018

Readings & Events

Creative Colloquy Lit Crawl     October 2016

Boldly Went Podcast     July 2017

Writing and War: Poetry & Prose of Witness     December 2017

Tahoma West Open Mic     December 2017

Tahoma West Open Mic and 733 Arts First Friday     March 2018

Filament Reading Series     January 2019

AWP19 Offsite Reading w/ Fugue     March 2019

Presentations & Multimedia Projects

Neighbors: A Plea for Creepy Crawlies     December 2016

Limitations of the Marine Mammal Protection Act     December 2017

Joik: What Will Our Myths Be?     December 2017

Goodnight Titlow: How Wilderness Reclaims Human Spaces     March 2018

Rogue Hall Open Mic     February 2020