Will You Stand Up For Me?

I can understand why half of our country voted for Trump. Sincerely, I do. I understand the feeling of being ignored by our government. I understand we need a change and I hope to God that something good comes out of a Trump presidency. What is not okay, is the mentality that Trump is only … Continue reading Will You Stand Up For Me?

On Redirection and Identiy

I was asked recently when FoxholeBrit would be updated and it’s a fair question, because I know it’s a bit bleak at the moment. What I started with was a collection of poems and short stories that I would only update to the blog after receiving feedback from whatever class assigned them. The deeper I … Continue reading On Redirection and Identiy

Let’s do some digging

Time to rummage through old boxes and first starts, to unravel how this all begins. I hope to turn this into a place to share my thoughts through writing and rambling, mostly as meditation and a method of personal growth. To do that, I better start digging myself out of this safe little hole I call home. … Continue reading Let’s do some digging