Just in Case

A free-write in response to Abby Murray’s “Listen” and events that are always too current to keep up with.


Just in Case

When I walk the hill to my car, it isn’t until
the last stretch when my calves feel on fire, that
I slide my arms out from under the straps of my bag,
ready to project it as a pseudomorph, or twitching tail.

When going up, the weight is a burden,
but on campus, it is worn like armor as I wonder
whether a laptop and a heavy textbook,
are enough to stop bullets.

When I make jokes about clutter
in the classroom being a fire hazard,
I’m also saying I hope there’s a clear path to run,
when we’re inevitably fired upon.

When I pack my bag before heading out,
I contemplate whether I should include
a note, on what to do with my body
just in case my books aren’t thick enough.
Just in case I can’t run fast enough.
Just in case.
Just in case.

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